Recognized Certificates

Being a high-quality international fitness brand and with the help of our international coaching panel, our courses allow you to get recognized throughout the globe.

World Class

We have handpicked the tutors globally to provide the best-in-class education to you and tailormade every course to be just perfect for you.

Build a global
network for your
Personal Trainings!

With the presence in more than 30 countries, we enable you to get known internationally and build a network around it.

Improved Job Prospects

With help of our community and international network, improve your prospect for high ticketing
clients and international jobs.

Be the part of something Bigger.

Being the world’s one of the biggest fitness platforms, we have a huge community of Trainers, Athletes and Business Coaches across the globe.

Learn with
the convenience!

With the help of our online and offline model, helps you save time and learn effectively. Our Courses are divided into online and offline segments

Online: – This allows you connect to our high quality international directly and with our translation tools, you would be able to grasp the knowledge directly in your native language in written and verbal formats with live question answer sessions

Offline: - Leaning everything online is not practical and effective, so we have our centers across the country, where your practical sessions would be conducted and you would have the liberty to choose the center nearest to you.

3 Years Validity +
Lifetime Access to

We have built our programs in such a way that our course will enable you to be certified and effective for longer period time and also keep regularly updated we provide the Lifetime access to the course study material.

Low Cost +
EMI Options!

We understand it’s always difficult to start something and getting into your passion is even more difficult and there we have kept our fees to the minimum end for you to just start, and the cherry on top is the option to pay in EMI options, so mean pay while you learn!!

Now what’s stopping you to become
a Personal Trainer you dreamed to be!

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