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Master of Online Training by Dan Wynes


Do you want to earn more, have more freedom and upgrade your offering to clients? Well, Online fitness mentoring is for you.

Over the next 12 weeks, we will teach you how to earn more online and add an additional offer to your business. You’ll learn how to manage and operate your own online business and we’ll even show you how to set everything up.

Online fitness mentoring enables you to serve more clients with a higher quality of service than traditional personal training.

With traditional personal training, you’ll spend time with your clients for an hour at a time and offer advice on nutrition and lifestyle factors.

With online fitness mentoring, you’ll provide the solution to your client’s problems. This means you can go into more detail with all the relevant variables.

Training, nutrition, sleep, stress management, lifestyle management, and mindset.

All of these points will dictate whether your client is successful or not. By taking more time to focus on these points you’ll be able to steer your client to successfully reaching their goals.

Here are the course modules that will be broken down into weekly/monthly live lectures, recorded content and


Creating your brand/ image and finding your niche
How to get Leads
Setting up a Lead Funnel
Sales Calls/ Meeting
Onboarding clients
Program Delivery
Client hubs
Client Support & Feedback
Referral system
Building a community

At the end of the course, students will have everything they need to run a thriving online mentoring business.


1 live a month with Dan – Q&A and setting up the content for the month
9 live sessions from one of our expert tutors
Pre-recorded content and workbooks were created.
Multiple choice knowledge checks
Step-by-step creation



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